Nottoway River Survey Archaeological Research - NRS Cactus Hill project

Nottoway River Survey Archaeological Research - NRS Cactus Hill project

Nottoway River Survey Archaeological Research - NRS Cactus Hill projectNottoway River Survey Archaeological Research - NRS Cactus Hill projectNottoway River Survey Archaeological Research - NRS Cactus Hill project

About Us


We are a small business established in 1979 specializing in archaeological research, surveys and excavations in southeastern Virginia.  Our principal research interest is the Paleoindian Period.


We write and sell archaeological research reports under the name Nottoway River Publications.  Our most current publication is Nottoway River Survey Part II - Cactus Hill and Other Excavated Sites.


Historically our funding has been from the State of Virginia, the National Geographic Society, businesses, and private individuals.


Our current publications for sale:

The Nottoway River Survey announces the publication of Nottoway River Survey, Part-II, Cactus Hill and Other Excavated Sites. The focus of the book is pre-Clovis, Paleoindian, and Archaic period research in a 400-square-mile area of southeastern Virginia in the mid-Atlantic region of North America. 

While the work contains a general summary of over 30 years of research on more than 80 Native American sites within the Nottoway River drainage, the specific emphasis is upon new data including radiocarbon dates and other multidisciplinary findings from the NRS excavations in the pre-Clovis and Clovis cultural levels on the well known Cactus Hill archaeological site. 

Nine years in writing, this very attractive book printed in the US by Dietz Press as a limited edition contains 715 8-1/2" x 11" pages in glossy paper with wear resistant soft cover and sewn binding construction suitable for use in classroom, office, and laboratory environments.  There are 12 chapters consisting of an introduction, a summary, a NRS pre-Clovis and Paleoindian 22-year-research-update chapter coving the period since the publication Part-I, and nine separate site excavation chapters centering around the 210-page (Chapter 5) Cactus Hill site final report.

The book contains 105 data tables and 310 black and white figures with over 590 individual photographs, drawings, and graphs of archaeological excavations, artifacts, artifact sequences, in situ excavation features, excavation layouts, cultural material and scientific sample depth relationships, and general site area and river scenes.  This work represents one of the first attempts to evaluate the various early point traditions based upon the use of specific site water-related environments or microenvironments, site topography, and band range or territory size.

The book is recommended for those involved in research, teaching, or CRM work in the East.  It will also be of significant value to anyone interested specifically in North American Pre-Clovis and Paleoindian topics.

The cost is $79.50 per copy plus a shipping and handling cost of $8.00 per book; we ship by USPS (book rate) in sturdy cardboard containers, and we ship only within the US.   Included with each Part-II book ordered will be a complimentary copy of Nottoway River Survey, Part-I, Clovis Settlements Patterns, the popular 171-page work that was published in 1992, which normally sells for $22.00.  The total shipment weight per book order is 7.2  pounds.


Nottoway River Survey - Part II- Cactus Hill and Other Excavated Sites


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Part I can be ordered separately for $22.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 from  Nottoway River Survey - Part II - Cactus Hill and Other Excavated Sites is provided as a sample of the type of information in our publication.  (Copyrighted material.)


Compilation of Virginia Weathering Amber Chalcedony Clovis Points by Joseph M. McAvoy


Fluted Point #156 from Rockingham County, Virginia - a report of an unusual fluted point type from Virginia by Joseph M. McAvoy.

Rockingham FP (pdf)


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